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Assisi Animal Sanctuary

Assisi Animal Sanctuary is a Local Charity that offers support and advice to struggling pet owners in order to keep as many animals as possible in their homes and prevent pet abandonment. The organization works to bring animal welfare education and leadership to Northern Ireland, and by doing so, hopes to reduce and ultimately stop the neglect or killing of companion animals, which is a rampant problem in the region. Furthermore, Assisi Animal Sanctuary teams up with local human welfare organizations as part of a community outreach scheme. Through this scheme Assisi distributes pet food and offers free veterinary assistance, to ensure homeless people or families who cannot afford proper care for their pets get to keep their beloved fluffy friends healthy and by their side.

Unfortunately, there are still many dogs, cats and furries (rabbits, guinea pigs…) needing rescued. Each year, the Sanctuary gives a loving home to around 2000 of them. In this safe and warm shelter, the poor abandoned animals benefit from a lot of attention, including playtime, cuddles and medical care, from the well-trained staff and volunteers. The goal is of course to eventually rehome these pets but if an adoptive family is not found, the Sanctuary will be the animal’s forever home.

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Northern Ireland

Chance of a lifetime - ongoing program

Assisi is an active member and long-time advocate of the Chance of a Lifetime program, which aims to completely eradicate the heartbreaking practice of putting healthy but unwanted pets to sleep. Since this program was established in 2003, about 20 000 dogs were saved from unnecessary destruction all across the UK. The program has for example used widespread neutering as a way to control pets populations, hence reducing the number of killings. The famous “Adopt don’t shop” campaign also helps raise awareness on the very real issue of pet destruction caused by human greed. Assisi has vowed to never stop fighting until the day when, finally, no healthy re-homable dog is put to sleep, ever again.

There are many ways you can help the residents of Assisi Animal Sanctuary. Starting with your time. Caring volunteers are wanted to:

  • Work in the Sanctuary and look after the animals.
  • Work in one of the organization’s three charity shops, or as a volunteer van driver to collect donations & rescue animals.
  • Be an extra pair of hands at a fundraising events, or fundraise for the Charity yourself.

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This organization does not receive any Government funding and completely depends on the generous donations of the public. Every penny donated goes to the animals.

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Visits are on appointment only, please contact the Sanctuary directly for more information about adoption and foster programs.