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Organizations that wish to be promoted on Local Charities Worldwide must fill in a partnership application form and be approved by our team. Please click on the button below to register and receive your form. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Not a Local Charity?

Please address your inquiries, kind encouraging messages or general questions to: 

or fill in the form below. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Work with us

You know the old saying: it takes a village!

We are always looking for more lovely people to thicken our ranks, because the more, the merrier! Here are the many ways you can help us. 

Press or TV?

We are happy to give interviews, and we can also provide original content you could publish for us. To get Local Charities the support they need, we must be talked about everywhere, which is why journalist partners are gold to us.


We could use your audience to reach out to more givers! If sustainable development, animal welfare, Earth-aware societies and human solidarity are ideals you also embrace in your daily life, we'd like a chat.


If you are currently on the road, please consider using our map to find a Local Charity near you, then contact us so we can organize a visit you would do on our behalf. We constantly need people in the field to gather beautiful photos and videos of our Local Charities in action.

Event specialist?

Do you have an event venue in the Netherlands which you could put at our disposal for a day? Do you have the skills and contacts necessary to organize successful events with a limited budget? We are looking for volunteer event professionals to help us raise funds for our Local Charities.

Spread the word

Talkative folks wanted.

Don’t wait for the “right moment”. Opportunities to talk about Local Charities Worldwide are everywhere.

On the way to the bakery to buy your morning croissant? Greet your neighbour with hot gossip about Local Charities Worldwide. Your wife is asking you how your day was? She is begging to hear all about Local Charities Worldwide. On the phone with mum? Boom, Local Charities Worldwide, in case she wasn’t proud of you enough yet. Party with friends? Maybe you should tell Bob about Local Charities Worldwide, he deserves to know. 

It is always the right time to talk about giving. Much love from us, and have a blessed day!

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"No one has ever become poor by giving"

-Anne Frank-