Local Charities Worldwide

A global platform
for local giving.

The world is a big place. The heart is too.
Welcome to Local Charities Worldwide: we bring you closer to the small Charities around the world that urgently need your help.

Support local organizations that work to preserve nature and biodiversity.

Support local organizations that protect and care for all sentient life on Earth. 

Support local organizations that look after vulnerable and isolated communities.


Support local organizations that invest heavily for a fairer and more harmonious society.

Local Charities Worldwide - The art of giving.

The art of giving

Changing the world, one gift at a time. 

WE BELIEVE that everybody has something to give, and that every gift, no matter how small, can make a difference to those who receive it.

WE KNOW that there are thousands of small non-profit organizations the world over which are currently struggling to find the support they need to survive.

WE WANT to bring worldwide exposure to these organizations, to connect them with the people who can help them, and to share our passion for giving.

To give, without getting anything in return:
that is where our joy lies.

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How it works

It’s all about giving, really.

EXPLORE our platform, using the map below, to find a local organization that is serving a cause you deeply care about, anywhere in the world.

FEEL inspired by your chosen organization’s vision, and excited that you are able to contribute to their great work.

GIVE something to that organization, be it a donation, your time, or anything else you can offer. Remember, every gift counts!

TALK about Local Charities Worldwide to everyone you know. Let’s start an international giving craze!

Everybody has something to give.
Let's start with a smile.

The Map

Find a Local Charity. Worldwide.

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People Charities  Social enterprises.

Why us

Local Charities Worldwide,
it’s a growing community of…
Local Charities
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Different countries
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Givers every month
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is our only motivation. A more compassionate and giving world is our dream.


is our favourite word. We celebrate every smile, because bliss is beautiful!


is our best friend. And it needs our respect and protection now, more than ever.


is our promise. We only promote real charities that have a real impact on real lives. 

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Are you a Local Charity?

We can promote you, and assist with your fundraising efforts.
Find out if you qualify for a listing on our platform:
Request a partnership application form:

Newly listed

These are our most recent Charity friends.
Go give them some love!

The burning question

You found a Local Charity you feel moved by on our website. But how to help them?

THE BAD NEWS: we do not collect donations ourselves. Local Charities Worldwide is a recent initiative run by a very small team of volunteers, and the mass of administration work required to process donations and redistributing them to the correct organizations simply is too big a task for us at this point. 

THE GOOD NEWS: every Local Charity’s profile on our platform redirects to a functional donation page connected to the Charity itself and which we have verified. All you have to do is click, fill in your details and you are all set!

THE GREAT NEWS: you will be giving directly and reliably to a human-sized organization in the field. No middleman. You know what this means? Your gift might literally save a life. Tomorrow.

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

-Dalai Lama-