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De Nobele Hoeve

The Nobele Hoeve is a small organization with a big and magical vision, that takes in traumatized animals and farm animals rescued from slaughter.

It all started with an Andalusian horse named Vanity. When Margarit Gerrits, the founder of the Nobele Hoeve, met Vanity, her heart was already filled with love for animals. She had spent a happy childhood and most of her life in the outdoors, surrounded by animals, and was taking care of cats and horses in her house in Belgium. But when she saw Vanity, she felt very deeply that this was the beginning of a new and special journey. That’s when she decided to fully dedicate her life to bringing love and security to animals.

Animals in need kept coming, and Margarit wanted to help them all. When she and her husband found a farm in Brabant, the Netherlands, they felt drawn to it and decided to move along with all their animals, knowing this would be the place where they could give these animals the life they deserved. One day, a visitor of the farm, impressed by Margarit’s work, offered to donate something to support the cause. Here the idea to start a foundation for Margarit’s animals was born.

The animals at the Nobele Hoeve are given a lifelong home and all the care and attention they need to recover from the abuse they faced in the past. Some of the farm’s residents, such as the bulls Bram & Willem and the pigs Mila & Eefje, have become the face of Margarit’s relentless fight against animal exploitation.

The Nobele Hoeve wants to send a message to the world that there is no difference between any animal, and that humans, animals and nature can very well live together in harmony. The farm is open every Saturday to the public: come to relax in the heart of nature and connect with its inhabitants!

Local Charities Worldwide | Animal Charity Profile De Nobele Hoeve in Brabant, the Netherlands

Brabant, the Netherlands

A message from Margarit

“What I do here on a small scale is what I wish for the world on a large scale. It starts with one step: one animal, one human, one plant and how they live together and are connected. We are all ‘earthkeepers‘. As humanity we can hurt a lot, but we can also create a lot of beautiful things. We can choose the good, the light, and use our time here on earth to serve, nurture, and protect.”

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