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Eyes on Animals is an animal welfare organization whose mission is to reduce the captive-bred meat animals as much as possible, especially during transport and slaughter.

Most of the work this Local Charity does happens directly on the ground: inspecting and auditing slaughterhouses, livestock trucks, livestock markets and farms; succouring neglected animals in situations of emergency (a broken down truck for instance); and contacting the relevant authorities when needed. But Eyes on Animals is also lobbying for more animal welfare legislation in the meat industry, as well as working to expose violations and promote better practices. The organization’s main office is located in the Netherlands but teams are regularly sent out in the field throughout Europe, Turkey and Ghana.

Eyes on Animals believe that the best way to minimize or even to eradicate animal abuse and suffering would be to end animal exploitation altogether. They want to see the world fully embrace the plant-based lifestyle, for the sake of our planet and of all the life on it. However, they know that such transition will take time, and that someone needs to take care of the animals in the meantime. Sadly, there still is a long way to go before Eyes on Animals and others like them are no longer needed in this world.

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The Netherlands

Eyes on Animals - Ongoing program

In most Muslim countries, animals are slaughtered with a knife while fully conscious, a practice Eyes on Animals is now actively trying to stop. In Turkey, the Charity has been meeting with many Imams and municipal authorities, to explain the science behing stunning animals, and to show how a captive bolt pistol works. Luckily, the team is met with an increasingly positive response from the locals, who are no longer worried that stunning would render the meat not Halal. Thanks to Eyes on Animals’ amazing efforts, 6 Turkish slaughterhouses have now durably adopted pain-free slaughter via stunning. A huge victory for the cause, although the work continues!
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