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Vietnam Cat Welfare

Vietnam Cat Welfare centre was created in 2009 by Emma and Phong, a British-Vietnamese couple tied by their common passion for animals and their determination to help the ones in need.

One night, a skinny cat came running towards the couple as they were getting off their bike. The poor stray cat was in a sorry state and very malnourished, so they decided to take him home. They called him Jack and he found his place, next to the two dogs, in the family. Only Jack was not a he but a she. Five weeks later, she gave birth to five healthy kittens. She took her mommy role very seriously and took care of the kittens with a lot of love. Sadly, soon after, Jack walked out of the gate to do her daily rounds of the neighborhood and never returned. The five kittens had to be fed, so Phong and Emma taught them to drink from the bottle. They felt the loss of Jack deeply and decided to keep her kittens. Then, an orange stray cat arrived and they decided to adopt him, too. And so the idea to start a cat shelter was born.

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Hội An

Jack'S cat cafe

There are currently about 100 cats living in Vietnam Cat Welfare centre. People from the area bring stray cats to the shelter to keep them out of the hands of the cat meat industry. Most recent addition to the shelter, Jack’s cat café serves homemade drinks and vegan meals, and opens its doors to travellers who wish to play with and cuddle our feline friends. All the revenue generated by the café goes to the shelter and to the cats. Volunteers are also welcome and always needed.

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