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Eco-Agric Uganda

The Environmental Conservation & Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda) was established in 2007, and has since been running various environmental and education projects that actively involve the local communities. At Eco-Agric, everyone is working towards a greener, cleaner and healthier Uganda.

Eco-Agric has a clear vision: “a healthy and empowered population living in a sustainable environment”. For the organization, achieving this includes, of course, environmental conservation initiatives, such as planting new forests, encouraging organic farming, developing innovative methods for a more sustainable agriculture, promoting cleaner energy and raising climate change awareness, especially among local farmers.

But they do not stop there. Eco-Agric is using some of its funding to bring care, food (grown sustainably!), school materials, psychological support and vocational training to orphans and other vulnerable young people. They are campaigning for women’s rights in the agriculture and industry sectors, and also give courses to local women workers, to teach them entrepreneurship and small business management skills. Finally, the charity has at heart to educate and inform local people on sexual health and to support families living with AIDS. 

For Eco-Agric, improving agriculture, health and education is the key to a truly durable economic and social growth for Ugandans in rural districts.

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Hoima, Kibaale & Wakiso districts

Ongoing programs

Eco-Agric is coaching 300 women in Kitukutwe and 180 women  in Gombe on sustainable vegetable and mushroom production. The beneficiaries of this training program are taught new knowhows and technologies, such as how to make mandala gardens or build artificial irrigation systems from available materials, and they also learn about how they can establish a food stall to sell their produce. Through this program Eco-Agric helps women farmers live from the land and exploit it in an eco-friendly way despite limited space and resources.

Are you in Central or Western Uganda?
Eco-Agric needs your helping hands!

Eco-Agric has a wide range of opportunities for flexible volunteers who, ideally, already are skilled in one of the following fields: resource mobilization, organic farming, permaculture and sustainable farming, construction, education, childcare or health. Volunteering programs are customized according to Eco-Agric’s needs and the volunteer’s preferences, but there is work to do everywhere, and for any amount of time!

There is for example a special volunteer programs which supports the 3000 refugees living in precarious conditions in an Internally Displaced People Camp in Hoima District. Eco-Agric is finding it hard to help them as the camp is far from Eco-Agric’s Hoima office, and so they would like the help of volunteers to build a staff residence near the camp using eco-friendly and cheap materials.

Volunteers will be hosted in a comfortable eco-house in the Hoima residence, and fed three meals a day, for three dollars per day. They will be immersed in Ugandan culture and have plenty of chances to explore the country, to enjoy its open savannas, spectacular mountains and thick forests. Long term volunteers staying for more than four months will not pay the fee. Eco-Agric is currently looking for two volunteers (a couple is preferred) to work in management for a period of two to three years.


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