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Eco Barge Clean Seas

Eco Barge Clean Seas is a Local Charity committed to protecting the delicate marine life and aquatic environment of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Originally created with one mission, to remove harmful debris from the very impacted coasts of the scenic Whitsunday Islands, the organization expanded to include in its operations much more than just beach clean-ups. 

Indeed, Eco Barge is now also working towards ensuring cleaner creeks and waterways in its area, and is closely monitoring the ocean waters to identify, rescue and care for sick or injured sea turtles. The charity runs an Eco Ambassador program for local children and offers free educational resources, in order to raise awareness around the importance of responsible ocean-friendly waste disposal, and to campaign against littering behaviours. Finally, to stop all the debris it collects from ending up in landfill, Eco Barge launched the Ocean Trash Recycle Shack program, which aims at processing, transforming and finding new uses for all the ocean plastics.

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Airlie Beach
Queensland, Australia

Ongoing programs

These are some of the great actions that Eco Barge is currently undertaking, thanks to the help of over 1600 volunteers, and the generous donations of ocean lovers around the world. To date, the charity has cleared up more than 200 000 kilograms of debris from the Whitsunday beaches.

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