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Heart Walk Foundation

Heart Walk Foundation is a Local Charity that offers support to the Q’ero communities in the Andes Mountain. The organization works with a number of Q’ero communities on culturally and environmentally appropriate economic development and agricultural projects. The projects are focused on education, health, food supply and agricultural development. Every year, the directors of Heart Walk Foundation will do their annual trek to the remote villages and review the progress and challenges of the projects. 

Since the establishment in 2003 Heart Walk Foundation has raised funds to assist families with basic necessities: leather gloves, salt and cooking oil. 8 sturdy barns were built to protect the alpacas against the cold winters. 110 families are supplied with their own greenhouses to grow their own food, heirloom seeds with the value of $6,000.00 was distributed in the villages, 50 chickens where given for egg production and the alpine lakes are stocked up with 12,500 trout fingerlings. Furthermore, 11 classrooms are built to serve 250 children, all the schools are provided with a solar panel system and the givers funded the teachers salaries, their dormitories and the classroom materials. Heart Walk foundation keeps an eye on the future and is still eager to develop the living standards of the Q’ero communities.

Ausangate Mountain
Andes, Mountain

More about the Q'ero people

The Q’ero communities live in the most remote places high in the Peruvian Andes. Some people believe that the Q’ero are the direct descendants of the Inca and therefore they are also known as the last Inca community. The Q’ero does not practice a religion but is very spiritual. They have a tradition of oral literature, they pass down stories from generation to generation. They live in remote villages between 12,000 and 15,000 feet in elevation. Due to the highlands it stays cold all year long and little has changed about their daily lives in the last couple of hundred years.


Do you love this cause? Support it with a gift!

Your donation could contribute to building a new Alpaca barn or a greenhouse, hence supporting the local economy and creating more food resources. Or, you could choose to dedicate your gift to funding a nurse and obstetrician to help reduce infant mortality in the villages! No matter what you choose to allocate your gift to, it will be supporting one of the Heart Walk Foundation’s many life-changing projects. The Q’ero people thank you!

Are you an amateur of Peruvian tribal art?

The Heart Walk foundation also initiated Tribal Store, a social enterprise selling stunning Q’ero weaving crafts online! Visit the organization’s sister page on our platform to find out more.