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Tamar Center

Tamar Center is a Christian foundation started in Thailand in 1999 with the purpose to accompany sex trade victims in their healing journey. The organization puts the emphasis on showing a lot of love and compassion, and works relentlessly to give a new life to the prostitutes of Pattaya who want out of their situations.

Pattaya is often thought of as the sex tourism capital of the world. This city, located on the coast about 100km south of Bangkok, has pushed into sex work an estimated 35 000 bargirls and ladyboys, many of whom did not want to go down this particular path. Indeed, young girls – and boys – come to Pattaya from the poorest regions of Thailand with hopes to find success and money to be able to finance their studies or other projects. They arrive with big dreams, but are left facing more poverty, loneliness, prostitution, and disease.

In light of this sad reality, Tamar Center regularly reaches out to the prostitutes’ home provinces, where it raises awareness and educates the youth around the many dangers of the sex industry. The Charity also provides much needed counselling services, housing, childcare, and a safe haven for the bargirls to come rest and make friends. Furthermore, Tamar Center offers free English classes and vocational trainings to help the girls find alternative employment and build a brighter future for themselves.


Tamar Center -

As part of its training programs, Tamar Center teaches its proteges to create beautiful handicrafts, including cards, crochet items and jewelry. All the crafts are handmade with natural materials by girls and women who have moved on from prostitution. The produce of their labour is sold online by Tamar Center, with all profits going directly towards keeping these girls out of the bars for good. Buying a Tamar Product means making a difference in the life a Thai girl, so that she never has to sell her body again if she does not want to. 


The girls of Pattaya don't just need money! Put your skills at their service and change a life.

For example, you could teach English or go on bar outreach missions to build relationships with bargirls and get a sense of whether or not they need Tamar Center’s intervention. Whatever you choose to do, whatever you can do, every passionate and kind person is welcome. Please contact the center directly for more information about job openings and volunteer opportunities.

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Your generous donation could help pay a staff member’s salary, sponsor a girl and fund her education, or finance an awareness campaign. On Tamar Center’s behalf, thank you!