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Friends of Lotus

The Friends of Lotus foundation was set up to support the Lotus Private School in Mpongwe, Zambia. The school was founded in 2017 by Jennifer Peeters from the Netherlands and Terry Wamundila from Zambia. With this school, they make education more easily accessible to the children of Mpongwe who otherwise would have to walk a very long way every day, just to be able to attend school.

At the heart of the Lotus Private School’s mission is a strong will to reach the Social Development Goals of the United Nations. Besides providing high-standard education, the school also works on improving the community as a whole, towards more gender equality, no poverty, no hunger, good healthcare opportunities and clean water for all. Furthermore, sustainability is seen as an important value, and is promoted and taught to students: the Lotus Private School has its own water recuperation system and solar panels that supply the energy it needs. In Zambia, this is really not common!


Friends of lotus - ongoing program

The Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program was started by the Friends of Lotus foundation in order to finance the education of the children whose families cannot contribute to their schooling expenses, for whatever reason. Mpongwe is a poor rural district where it is estimated that around 5,000 orphaned children live. These impoverished children should still be given the chance to go to a good school! Thanks to the OVC program, they can: their school fees and other costs (such as uniforms and school supplies) are paid by a sponsor. One child can be sponsored for €150 per year, and the sponsor will be updated about how the child is doing every term.


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The donations received will be spent on expanding the school and on building more classrooms. The end goal is for the school to become self-sustainable and not need the help of the Friends of Lotus foundation anymore! It would be a fantastic thing for the local community, the children and the teachers the school employs. You can find out more about the foundation’s and the school’s future plans directly on their website.