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International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Every year on this day we celebrate the social, economic and political achievements of women all around the world. This day is also a focal point for the Women’s rights movement and brings attention to issues like gender equality and violence against women and girls. This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is: “Women in leadership: achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”.  

We all know that there is inequality in the world and that in some countries women are earning less than their male counterparts. Nonetheless, COVID-19 has already a large impact on local communities in which tourism is a big source of income. Due to COVID-19, the amount of tourism income dropped almost everywhere last year and which has also impacted women. However, many Local Charities on the platform tried to continue their work in the countries in which they are active. In this article we want to highlight those organizations that empower women and help to raise the living standards of women all around the world. 

Peru: Heart Walk Foundation

Heart Walk Foundation is an organization that works with the Q’ero communities who live in tiny villages in the high Andes in Peru. Q’ero communities are said to be descendants from the Incas. For Q’ero women weaving is an integral part of life. Weaving traditions are passed on generations and all textile patterns honor Pachamama and express the interconnectedness with the natural world and planet earth. Heart Walk Foundation supports Q’ero Women by selling their textiles and weavings at the Tribalstore has many projects that support those communities.

Thailand: Tamar Center

Tamar Center is an organization that support women who work or have worked in the prostitution sector in Pattaya, Thailand. The organization helps women who want out of their situation and want to start a new life. Tamar Center is helping those women by educating them in various sectors. They have their own bakery and café where the women can work, teach English classes to improve their job opportunities and have their own handicrafts shop where souvenirs made by the women are sold. Tamar Center even rents some houses for women to live in and there is also a daycare to take care of the children!

Uganda: Eco-Agric

Eco-Agric is an organization that has a clear vision: have empowered local communities who are living in a sustainable environment. Whilst multiple projects are executed that focus on environmental conservation initiatives, one project especially focuses on female empowerment. Eco-Agric is helping 300 women in Kitukutwe and 180 women in Gombe to grow their own vegetables and mushrooms. Women do not only learn how they can grow their own food, but also how to make an artificial irrigation system from old plastic bottles. Furthermore, these women are also trained how they can set up their own food stall and sell their home grown food!

Jordan: Lumeyo

Lumeyo is an organization that works in the historical cities of Petra, Amman and in the desert Wadi Rum in Jordan. In this society, local Bedouin women mostly are dependent on their husband and do not receive proper education. However, those women have an unique skill that turns thin threads into beautiful artisan products. Lumeyo engage with 21 Bedouin women to recycle second hand sweaters into yarn and 12 women who are weaving the materials. More importantly, the women all receive a fair salary for their hard work. When buying a product in their shop you directly have a positive impact on the life of those women.