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temple in Vietnam with Thich Nhat Hanh quote about giving attention

How the idea of a global platform for local giving formed

Have you ever wondered how you can help people, animals and the planet on the other side of the world but want your help to go directly to the organizations who need it? This was actually my thought that I had one year ago. That tiny idea of helping local charities grew to a global platform for local giving. With one goal; helping local charities by promoting their work, the causes they serve and why they need support. I wanted to make one promise to the organizations; charging no fee or commission for our services. A platform is set up with kindness and compassion and not for profit.

How it al started:

In the development of this global platform for local giving, the COVID-19 played a big part. I can share the negative aspects of COVID-19 with you in this article, but I will not do that. Right now COVID-19 brought me something positive, something that makes me happy and joyful; it brought me Local Charities Worldwide. The idea for a global platform for local giving didn’t just suddenly appear from one day to the next. My own view of how I see the world and my positive contribution to it grew over time. This is the story of how a small idea grew into a global platform with the help of 3 remarkably skilled volunteers. Spoiler alert; a trip to Vietnam and the COVID-19 crisis had a positive influence on it! 

It’s all about life experiences!

In January 2020 I went on a 5 week trip in Vietnam. A country that I always wanted to visit due to its history but also to see the home of a Budist monk called Thich Nhat Hanh. When I was in Hoi An, an ancient city in the middle of Vietnam, I saw an old woman in her 80s sitting everyday at the same spot selling clay figures. I passed by a couple of times and it made me realize that she sits there everyday to provide for herself and probably her family. On my last day in the city I decided to give her some money but I didn’t want to have the clay figure. I walked to her and said in English that this was for her. She didn’t understand what I was saying and wanted to give some of the clay figures. I kindly declined her offer and made the gesture that this money was for her and I didn’t want to get anything back from it. Then she picked up a figure and started whistling for me. A big smile came on my face. My experiences in Vietnam made me more grateful for my life and the chance that I got to undertake this kind of trip. The old woman in Hoi An made a big impression on me because I have a huge admiration for her, for taking care of her family even at such a high age.

old woman wisseling vietnam hoi an

Inspiration from the Sherpa’s in Nepal 

I returned home at the beginning of February 2020 and as we all know, COVID-19 started to spread throughout the world and many countries went in lockdown where a travel ban was enforced. Then on a morning in April I read a dutch news article about the sherpa’s in Nepal. At that time it was high season for climbing Mount Everest and due to the travel ban, adventurers didn’t come to the mountain and Sherpa’s were out of work. Around one year ago, in April 2019, photos went viral of massive traffic jams on the mountain. The difference between the situation one year ago and then hit me. It made me realize that everyone is dependend and connected to each other. I wanted to donate to a local organization who would support the Sherpa’s and their families and thought maybe more like minded people are looking for local charities to give to. 

Finding small Local charities was not easy

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a local organization which would have a direct impact on the lives of others. I found some online platforms that were promoting projects of organizations in exchange for a commission or a fee. However, I couldn’t find a platform that promotes organizations for free and focuses not only on money but also on volunteering opportunities and just promoting the great work they are doing.

The creation: A global platform for local giving – Local Charities Worldwide

With all this in mind the idea of Local Charities Worldwide was formed: a global platform for local giving. With one central aspect: promoting Local Charities without getting anything in return. At LCW the word giving has multiple interpretations: giving can be in money, time and attention. We live in an interconnected world, where, according to us, kindness, compassion and equality should expand more. 

We hope to make a step forward by creating this international giving platform. I personally believe that with kindness and compassion all things can grow. The same goes for Local Charities Worldwide. So what’s next? Let’s start a giving revolution!  Join our community  and subscribe for our monthly news letter. 


Patricia V.

Everybody has something to give. Let’s  start with a smile!