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Image of street dogs in the Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection (RSNAP) shelter in Jordan

One woman takes care of 400 street dogs in Jordan

When we think of companion animals we think of dogs, cats and rabbits who give us and our family members a lot of happiness and joy. Unfortunately, in some countries animals are not treated the same as the dogs we have lying next to us on the couch. Some dogs are treated with disgust and are mainly seen as street dogs who must be removed or “ taken care of”. 

Rodica and her mission to save street dogs

In Jordan a woman has been on a mission since 2015 to promote the human treatment of dogs and cats. Rodica has always had a loving heart towards all animals . She decided that something must be done to help the street dogs in Jordan. She started Shelter for the poor animals. A while ago, a local news station reported about Rodica and the story behind the shelter. 

Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection

.Rodica started a shelter in Aqaba called Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection (RSNAP).  Nowadays, the shelter provides a home for around 400 dogs. Most of the dogs in the shelter are of the breed Canaan, also known as Bedioun Sheepdog. The history of this breed can be traced back to a long time ago. The Canaan dog is the breed of the region of Levant, which now includes: Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. In the ancient communities the dogs were used by shepherds as alert. The dogs would bark as an alarm when the Romans wanted to invade the lands. The dogs are highly intelligent and are very devoted and gentle with children.  

A second change for street dogs

RSNAP gives the dogs a second chance and a home where they can live in peace. The shelter is completely dependent on volunteers and donations. Most of the dogs are waiting for a loving family who wants to adopt them. The sick, injured and the mother with her puppies are kept in the shelter. Meanwhile, Rodica and her volunteers make sure that they are well taken care of and are cuddled every day. People are always welcome to see with their own eyes the work they are doing or to help to take care of the dogs. Besides the dog shelter, Rodica takes care of around 30 cats in her backyard. 

For all the dog (and cat) lovers out there in the world, check out the good work this organization is doing on their Charity Profile and find out how you can help them. 

Image of Rodica the founder of Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection (RSNAP) and the street dogs in Aqaba Jordan