Local Charities Worldwide

Month: March 2021

Happiness is found in small things!

Grateful, such a beautiful word! For what are you grateful today? Today it’s a special day: International Day of Happiness!
Having a happy and joyful life is very important. It all starts with appreciating the small things in life. If you strive for more happiness in your life, don’t focus on the things you didn’t achieve (yet), focus on the things that you have right now. At Local Charities Worldwide we are grateful for the expanding community with organizations that are doing tremendous work. Read more about our vision towards happiness.

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!
Every year this day is dedicated to celebrate the social, economic and political achievements of all the women in the world. Local Charities Worldwide wants to place an emphasis on the Local Charities that support and empower women. This article summarizes what Heart Walk Foundation in Andes in Peru, Tamar Center in Pattaya, Thailand, Eco-Agric in Uganada and Lumeyo in Petra, Jordan are doing for the women in the local communities.