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Happy Dogs Koh Chang

Happy Dogs Koh Chang is an emergency shelter for stray dogs that need to be taken out of the street urgently or won’t survive. This Charity also feeds nearly 250 homeless dogs on the island of Koh Chang daily, promotes rescue dog adoption and conducts stray neutering operations.

Local Charities Worldwide | Charity Profile | PAWS - Animal Welfare Society in Cusco, Peru

Peru Animal Welfare Society – PAWS

Peru Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a Globalteer initiative that aims to reduce the number of stray dogs in Cusco and to protect the animals against disease or injury. The organization supports local shelters and also helps neuter and vaccinate the dogs.

Local Charities Worldwide Charity Profile | Assisi Animal sanctuary in Ireland

Assisi Animal Sanctuary

Assisi Animal Sanctuary is a rescue centre and an animal rights charity committed to the welfare of companion animals. They rescue, shelter and find new loving homes for abandoned pets, they support pet owners, and they actively work to forever end the widespread killing of healthy but unwanted dogs.

Local Charities Worldwide | Animal Welfare Charity Profile - Eyes on Animals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Eyes on Animals – Animal welfare organization

Eyes on Animals is an animal welfare organization based in Amsterdam that strives to minimize meat animals’ suffering during transport and slaughter. They work almost solely on the ground with expert teams performing regular random checks on livestock trucks.

Local Charities Worldwide Charity Profile | Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal protection in Jordan

Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection

Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection (RSNAP) is a dog shelter and rescue centre. The organization was established with the will to inspire a more compassionate conduct towards nature and animals, and to fight against the inhumane treatment of street dogs in Jordan.

Local Charities Worldwide - Animals Charity Partner | Vietnam Cat Welfare

Vietnam Cat Welfare Centre

Vietnam Cat Welfare is a rescue and care centre for street cats. Their goal is to keep as many cats as possible out of the cat meat industry’s hands, and to provide shelter and love to the abandoned cats.